Artwork of Marjorie Kurtz Hayek

Marjorie Hayek, the wife of Will J. Hayek, studied under contemporaries of Grant Wood and became a celebrated local artist. During her life, Mrs. Hayek's work was shown in galleries and museums from Iowa to New York. The pieces shown below adorn the walls of our office.
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chair 1967
Chair (1967)
Oil on canvas, 38x32"

Bill's Pheasant
Bill's Pheasant (1968)
Oil on canvas, 49.5x31.25"

Roberts Barn
Roberts Barn (1969)
Pencil, 14.5x21"

Ryan Barn
Ryan Barn (1970)
Pencil, 14.5x22"

Bothell Barn
Bothell Barn (1973)
Oil on canvas, 21x30"

Lovetinsky Barn
Lovetinsky Barn (1973)
Pencil, 21x31.5"

Andrew's Garden Tomato
Andrew's Garden Tomato (1975)
Oil on canvas, 7.75x7.75"

Bion Hunter Barn
Bion Hunter Barn (1978)
Pencil, 15x21"

blue denim 1968
Blue Denim (1968)
Oil on canvas, 50x39"

Gillingham Barn
Gillingham Barn (1969)
Pencil, 13.5x21.5"

Mougin Barn
Mougin Barn (1970)
Pencil, 14.5x22"

Hills Siding
Hills Siding (1971)
Oil on canvas, 21x29"

Cabinet Top
Cabinet Top (1973)
Oil on canvas, 24.5x31.5"

Morse General Store
Morse General Store (1974)
Pencil, 15x23"

Solon Railroad Station Key
Solon Railroad Station Key (1975)
Oil on canvas, 5.5x5.75"

Sara's Corn Crib
Sara's Corn Crib (1981)
Pencil, 15x24.25"

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